Public CFOs: a transfer agent built on blockchain with 10X more speed, transparency, & usability

Upgrade your corporate stock with the transfer agent of tomorrow, today

Bring your stock to Web3⁠ with blockchain certificates, and gain an edge over your competitors

  • Transfer true shares securely & transparently without forms or fees
  • Enable confident stock ownership abroad without extra costs
  • Accurate, automatic fractional transfers without big headaches

"It's just how stock should be."

  • Block Transfer is the first SEC-approved transfer agent built with direct blockchain records. (US Patent #17/396,742)
  • We issue your outstanding stock directly on the blockchain, which puts the utmost security behind every investor transfer. (That's right, even more assurance than medallion stamps.)
  • Send stock to anyone you want, buy or sell, and vote shares just like your old transfer agent—but streamlined:

Receive Stock

Send Stock

Trade Stock

Plus review every outstanding share and transfer, just like before, but completely transparently:

 Watch this stock transfer execute in under 5 seconds (vs. 5+ days traditionally)

And review everything in one place, with
data trustlessly pulled from the blockchain:

We're so confident in our system that we'll underwrite every stock transfer with both our own funds and insurance policies from Nexus Mutual.

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  Featured in:

And on track for funding from the National Science Foundation.

What makes us different?

When it comes to your investors, most transfer agents take forever

...and are almost impossible to audit!

Weather it's institutional stock or your smallest employee...

How many book-entry shareholders honestly
enjoy any interaction with a transfer agent?

Your (digital!) stock is right there, but it takes days of slow, 
manual paperwork nightmares to transfer your shares...

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

"Print out this 9-page stock transfer form..."

"Fill it all out & bring to your nearest guaranteeing bank with two forms of ID..."

"Wait an hour to get a medallion stamp..."

"Drive to the Post Office and snail mail the documents (plus pay for any insurance)."

"Give us some time... it takes a week or longer to execute a batch order (so we can keep the overnight interest for ourselves)."

"Go to this website... **website doesn't work...** waits on the phone for hours..."

It goes on and on.

All that processing time, paperwork, and frustration adds up fast...

Shouldn't your book-entry shareholders have access their investments now?

Thing is, old transfer agents can offer painstakingly-slow service because they hold all the accounting control over your register.

That means all transfer requests go through
your agent's internal central bookkeeping process...

Centralized Registrars

We're control every transfer, so we can bill at 80% margins (industry average) or $75 ea.

That central bottleneck for all transfers means it's very hard for traditional transfer agents to cut transfer times...

since most antiquated systems rely on dozens of costly employees manually processing transfers from 9 to 5, Monday–Friday.

In fact, agents today are only loosely held to 3-day turnarounds.

A lot can happen in three days. That leaves your shareholders at risk

Not to mention, it's almost impossible for outsiders to audit outstanding shares, stock transfers, or Cede/DTC redemptions.

That means your shareholders regularly get stuck with sub-par service that's not even reported to the SEC. Talk about bad PR.

Further, your shares are held in the dark, often leaving investors questioning the validity of your shares or outstanding balances.

Shareholders are sick of this, and here's the proof:

Until now, there's been no way to satisfy your shareholders with fast & transparent transfers...

Which is why we built Block Transfer on the Stellar blockchain.

That means your investors can transfer assets to each other directly,

withOUT mountains of paperwork dictated by a central middleman!

Blockchain Registrars

Anyone can send transactions to the network for negligible-cost transfers validated by peers.

With Block Transfer,

  • Gratis transfers clear in <10 seconds, not days
  • ​Transfers validate automatically through time-tested cryptography
  • All investors can transparently audit total outstanding shares 24/7

Finally, your shareholders get direct instant access to their assets and can transfer them immediatelyno costly middleman required.

Pretty cool, don't you think?

With Block Transfer: 

  • You tally votes with decentralized, transparent proxy voting—not some faulty 'black box'
  • Your outstanding shares are open to all global investors—no medallion certificates needed
  • We beat your current rates significantly while offering the fastest P2P speed in the industry

Plus, take a full year to put Block Transfer to the test with our ironclad money-back guarantee:

If Block Transfer doesn't: 

  • drastically speed up your book-entry stock transfer times,
  • ​eradicate a vast bulk of investor share transfer paperwork, and
  • meaningfully increase your book-level liquidity to facilitate purchases...

(all while hugely increasing shareholder satisfaction, transparency, & confidence)

Then we'll issue you a prompt, no-questions-asked refund of all our fees.

AND seamlessly transition you to any other agent with no cancellation fee.

That means you have a full 365 days to put our claims to the test with zero risk.

Plus, we'll pay any contract termination fees from your old transfer agent for you!

Give us a try and see what we can do for your stock today...

Why Block Transfer?

Microcap Firms

  • OTC Compliance: Stay on good terms with your  regulators with industry-leading transparent records.
  • Shareholder Liquidity: For particularly illiquid issues, discover new market participants right on the blockchain.
  • Great for Tight Budgets: Use your cash on hand for corporate investments, not $75+ stock transfers.

Small-cap Firms

  • Transparent Stock Financials: Let any investor view statistics about your outstanding shares on demand.
  • Direct Share Plans: Compensate internal heroes with stock incredibly quickly with simple digital signatures. 
  • 'Mistake-proof' for Elder Investors: Get 24/7 standard shareholder support so anyone can move their stock fast.

Mid-cap Firms

  • Shareholder Response: Attain gratis annual 'post-and-notice' investor mailing plus transparent blockchain votes.
  • Nondiscriminatory Onboarding: Enable international investors to hold your stock no matter where they're from.
  • Gratis Paying Agent: Distribute dividends via direct deposit, check, or USDC as your shareholders desire.

Large-cap Firms

  • Bespoke Interfaces: Get an issuer suite, DSPP, ESOP, and more tailor-made to fit your brand and culture.
  • Public Attestations: Get verified on-blockchain records for DTCC FAST activity, corporate earnings, and more.
  • Best Experience: Zero-hassle priority support, 24/7 suspicious-activity monitoring, proactive alerts, and more.


What makes you different from other "blockchain stock" companies?

Other firms hold your book-entry shares in a central depository while issuing representative blockchain shares akin to ADRs. That means extra friction, fees, and frustration for your shareholders. With Block Transfer, the shares your see on the Stellar blockchain are your book-entry stock.

How do you make money off my shareholders?

Most 'blockchain' trading systems revolve around a fee-centric broker-dealer or regulated ATS. Did you know you only need to register for these certifications if you charge fees or hold assets in custody? With Block Transfer, trades execute directly on the Stellar blockchain with zero fees.

What if a mistake is made?

We treat investors how we'd like to be treated with our robust internal and partnering insurance policies. If a shareholder makes a legitimate mistake or some other external factor causes them to lose their shares, we can instantly freeze their stock on the blockchain for a swift, safe return. In the exceedingly rare case share recovery is not possible, we are covered to buy back any lost shares from the market to make investors whole again.

What kind of securities offering should we do?

At Block Transfer, we focus on being an incredible transfer agent, not a law firm. Once you're ready to go public or finish M&A negotiations, come to us for the most efficient management of your book-entry shareholders.

We want to leave a greener Earth for our children.

We plant 1000 trees for every new client.

Your transfer agent, built on blockchain

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