Open Your Account in Just 2 Steps

Step 1

Download Lobstr here. Create an account, and write down your seed phrase.

Step 2

Complete KYC onboarding. Use your best email for annual reports.


Do you offer paper certificates?

We do not support or grant paper shares to keep markets equitably accessible to everyone. All transfers execute directly on the Stellar blockchain for free to you.

What about old certificates? 

Complete onboarding, and we'll send your assets to your blockchain address once confirming your certificate number.

What if I'm not a US resident?

We don't charge hundreds for medallion stamps abroad like most agents. You can onboard just like any US citizen and use your ITIN for dividends, as needed.

Can I gift securities?

We don't impose a minimum account age, as legal in your jurisdiction. Just complete onboarding with a minor's info.

Contact your broker for transfers to blockchain registration (your company must use us).
Contact for transfers to central brokers.

Your transfer agent, built on blockchain

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