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Create any Stellar blockchain wallet

We recommend using Lobstr with 2FA - sign up in two minutes here.

  • Once logged in, click "Create Stellar wallet."
  • Store your seed phrase offline somewhere safe.
  • Enable Google Authenticator in Settings > Security.


Link your wallet to your identity

Completing this form registers your wallet to hold both stocks and bonds we service.

Complete this form twice for joint accounts.

We will email you for more materials if you are a trust, corporation, UGMA/UTMA, etc.

STOP: Check your URL before proceeding (
NOTE: Support staff will NEVER ask for your secret seed phrase.

By providing your email, you consent to receive email notices of annual documents in leu of paperwork. Per decade, you just removed 504.7lbs of atmospheric CO2.

Distributions from "Mercury"

Press "Receive" in Lobstr to copy your wallet's public address (GEXAM...PLE)

Check this box to confirm your identity 🅿️
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Under penalty of federal perjury:

The tax identification number given is true and correct AND
If I am subject to backup withholding or maintain an exempt payee code, I will immediately notify after submitting this form.


Add your book-entry stocks

We will verify your information and activate your Stellar address. Then:

In your wallet, navigate to Assets → Add Asset (+) → Search.
Type in and add any desired stocks.


What if I'm not a US resident?

We don't charge £300 for international medallion stamps like some agents. We verify citizens in over 200 countries, and our KYC supports over 20 languages.

What is my Stellar address?

Your Stellar public address looks like GDRM3...FWO7. You can also use your federation address. Once verified, anyone can send BT shares here.

Do you offer paper certificates?

We do not support or grant paper shares to keep markets equitably accessible to everyone. All transfers execute directly on the Stellar blockchain for free to you.

What about old certificates or (non-blockchain) DRS shares? 

Complete onboarding, and we'll send your shares to your blockchain address. Just add the asset to your verified wallet.

Contact your broker for transfers to blockchain registration (your company must use us).
Contact for transfers to central brokers.

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