A New Kind of Transfer Agent

Enable book-entry trading without paperwork, fees, or HFTs

  • Eradicate wasted time with a supercharged transfer agent
  • ​Use a decade-tested global ledger as your corporate books
  • ​Transparent bookkeeping at half the cost of the competition

Standardize access, upgrade security, & discover new investors.

  • We're a transfer agent built on digital assets for direct transfers, voting, & audits—all based in Atlanta.
  • We use Stellar, the same distributed ledger Stripe, IBM, MoneyGram, Franklin Templeton, & Deloitte trust.
  • Shareholder lists, IR, and equity plan grants are all a breeze with our transparent, open-source interface.
  • Access new liquidity with book-entry sales (incl. with all plans)
  • Digitally transfer stock without medallion signature guarantees
  • Dividends via check, direct deposit, or fiat-backed digital assets
  • No investor account minimums or fees
  • All transfers & digital signatures stored publicly forever
  • All transfers verified by decentralized network
  • KYC/AML for 200+ countries & territories (incl. with all plans)
  • Open investor API to analyze transfer activity
  • Direct stock purchases from all our investors (incl. with all plans)

On our digital asset platform, you can:

Receive Shares

  • Open an account in minutes with any FTIN
  • Receive shares directly from your legacy broker
  • Take control of your assets with direct custody

Send Shares

  • Automatically validate destination addresses
  • Preview all transfer amounts and destinations
  • ​Send shares worldwide with stamp taxes covered

Privately Trade

  • Automatically generate annual tax reports
  • ​Settle trades in five seconds using the Stellar Decentralized Exchange
  • Place offers directly with other investors

...all with the click of a button!

Block Transfer is the first transfer agent to:

  • Settle transfers immediately via controllable electronic records
  • ​Use cost-effective postcards for proxy notices (as far as known) &
  • ​Replace medallion signature guarantees with cryptography.

We're building the future of capital markets with our standardized platform.
We hope you and your shareholders join us soon!

Digital assets for global capital markets

Block Transfer is registered with & regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
$3M Professional Liability by biBERK. Cash management by Mercury. We are not a broker.
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