Replace medallion signature guarantees with proven, modern cryptography

  • Keep track of shareholders directly on the blockchain
  • ​Use a decade-tested blockchain as your corporate books
  • ​Completely transparent data, not expensive spreadsheets
  • Attract diverse investors worldwide without bank stamps
  • Transfer DRS shares in seconds, not weeks, without paperwork
  • Ultra-secure real-time automated transfers without custodial fees
  • We're a US transfer agent built with direct blockchain records for easy transfers, proxy tabulating, and audits.
  • We use Stellar, the same blockchain trusted by IBM, MoneyGram, Franklin Templeton, Deloitte, and more.
  • ​Shareholder lists, IR, and equity plan grants are all a breeze with our transparent, open-source interface.

Receive Shares

  • Open an account in minutes with any FTIN
  • ​Receive shares directly from your legacy broker
  • Only you control your assets with direct custody

Send Shares

  • Automatic address validation
  • ​Preview all transfer amounts and destinations
  • ​Send worldwide with all stamp taxes covered

Privately Trade

  • Automatic annual tax reporting via Form 8949
  • ​Receive email notices of annual meeting materials
  • ​Absolutely zero middlemen or fees for all private sales

Block Transfer could be a good fit
for your public firm if you'd like to:

  • drastically speed up your book-entry stock transfer times,
  • ​eradicate a vast bulk of investor share transfer paperwork, and
  • meaningfully increase your book-level liquidity and transparency.

Get started today with no obligation,
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Benefits no matter your size:

Microcap/SPAC Firms

  • Low Maintenance: Simple "do-it-yourself" distribution administration with automatic transfer validation.
  • Insured & Regulated: Check all the boxes you need to stay complaint with the SEC and your listing authority.
  • Transparent Voting: With simple blockchain proxies, gratis annual election inspections take five minutes flat.

Small-cap Firms

  • Transparent Stock Financials: Let any investor view statistics about your outstanding shares on demand.
  • Direct Share Plans: Compensate internal heroes with stock incredibly quickly with simple digital signatures. 
  • "Mistake-Proof" for All Investors: Get knowledgeable shareholder support so anyone can move their stock fast.

Mid-cap Firms

  • Shareholder Response: Attain gratis annual 'post-and-notice' investor mailing plus transparent blockchain votes.
  • Nondiscriminatory Onboarding: Enable international investors to hold your stock no matter where they're from.
  • Gratis Paying Agent: Distribute dividends via direct deposit, check, or USDC as your shareholders desire.

Large-cap Firms

  • Bespoke Interfaces: Get an issuer suite, DSPP, ESOP, and more tailor-made to fit your brand and culture.
  • Public Attestations: Get verified on-blockchain records for daily DTC transfers, corporate earnings, and more.
  • Best Experience: Zero-hassle priority support, 24/7 suspicious-activity monitoring, proactive alerts, and more.

Your transfer agent, built on blockchain

Block Transfer is registered with and regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Not Member FDIC or SIPC. Investments inured against transfer errors up to 3mm by biBERK
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