Direct Stock Ownership:

Fast, Free, & Fair

  • Bypass 10+ trading middlemen
  • ​Trade from anywhere, anytime
  • ​Digital shares are true stock on the books of our clients

Standardize access, upgrade security, & discover new investors.

  • Spoiler: You are a product to your brokers. They want to sell your trade flow to market makers and depositories.
  • You are a valued investor with us. We cut out the pricy middlemen and have no forced incentive to rip you off.
  • For investors, by investors. Made by investors at heart from Georgia Tech, our new system erases hidden fees.

Did you know the average stock trade looks like this?

Don't get stuck being "sold" to the big banks! 

When you invest with a company's transfer agent, your trades look like this: 

Cut Wall St out from the middle—
Join the tens of millions of direct investors today.

With Block Transfer, you can:

Check Your Portfolio from Anywhere

  • Open an account in minutes with ID from any country
  • Receive shares directly from your legacy broker
  • Only you control your assets with direct custody

Manage Your Shares with 24/7 Instant Service

  • Automatic destination address validation
  • Preview all transfer amounts and destinations
  • ​Send worldwide with stamp taxes covered

Privately Trade Book-Entry Shares with 0 Middlemen

  • Automatic annual tax calculation and reporting
  • Trades settle in under 10 seconds using the Stellar Decentralized Exchange
  • ​Place direct offers with book-entry stock denominated in up to 7 decimal places

Block Transfer is the first transfer agent to:

  • Settle transfers immediately using blockchain technology,
  • ​Offer an intuitive book-entry investor management app &
  • ​Replace dated share transfer paperwork with cryptography.
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