Block Transfer: a significantly faster, more transparent, and cheaper transfer agent.

 Join the #1 US Securities Registrar in Stock Transfer Speed & Transparency

(and save enough for a special company bonus)

  • Free blockchain transfers with zero fees or paperwork
  • Sanctioned for traditionally- disenfranchised investors
  • Publicly audit every transfer and proxy vote via crypto

Public CFOs & soon-to-IPO executives, 

When it comes to your investors, most transfer agents take forever

...and cost more than they should

Maybe it's institutional stock. Maybe it's your smallest employee...

Either way, how many book-entry shareholders honestly enjoy any interaction with a transfer agent?

Your stock is right there... but it often takes days of slow, manual paperwork nightmares to transfer your shares to another person...

"Print and sign this transfer request at your nearest credit union."

"Make sure to bring multiple IDs for the medallion certificate."

"Give us some time; we'll earn interest on your sale proceeds for a week or two before mailing your check."

"We only reinvest on Friday afternoons and can't guarantee any execution prices. You got a 4% spread—only 228K overall."

It goes on and on...

All that processing time, frustration, and paperwork adds up fast...

Shouldn't your book-entry shareholders have access their investments now?

Thing is, old transfer agents can offer painstakingly-slow service because they hold all the accounting trust over your stock register

That means all transfer requests go through your agent's internal central bookkeeping process

Centralized Registrars

We're control every transfer, so we can bill at 80% margins (industry average) or $75 ea.

That central bottleneck for all transfers means it's very hard for traditional transfer agents to cut transfer times...

since most antiquated systems rely on dozens of costly employees manually processing transfers from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday

In fact, agents today are only loosely held to 3-day turnarounds

A lot can happen in three days. That leaves your shareholders at risk

For decades, there's been no secure replacement for centralized, slow, & opaque manual transfers...

until now...

At Block Transfer, we implemented the securities transfer agent process...

on a blockchain network through a patented system approved by the SEC (see our Whitepaper for the technical details)

That means your investors can transfer assets with each other directly

Blockchain Registrars

Anyone can send transactions to the network for negligible-cost transfers validated by peers.

With Block Transfer,

  • Effectively free transfers clear in 7.62 seconds on average, not days
  • Transfers validate via time-tested cryptography, no paperwork needed
  • Everyone can audit total outstanding shares 24/7/365

Finally, your shareholders get direct instant access to their assets and can transfer them immediatelyno costly middleman required

Pretty cool, don't you think?

Want to make your book-entry shareholders happy? 

Schedule a private consult today, and we'll happily answer any questions,

because our #1 goal is to save wasted shareholder dollars so that you can invest your cash into projects that increase shareholder value

Backed by:

With Block Transfer: 

  • You tally votes with decentralized, transparent proxy voting—not some inaccurate 'black box'
  • Your outstanding shares are open to all global investors—no medallion certificates needed
  • We'll beat your current rates significantly while offering the fastest P2P speed in the industry

Peace of mind is part of the package.

Trustless Honesty

We use open, proven blockchain systems so that anyone can audit our accounting. You can learn more in our Whitepaper.

Fast ACATS/Rule 144 Internal Turnarounds

We're by your side for your securities, granting all shareholders reliable  access to their assets.

Block Transfer Guarantee

You or your shareholders will never pay for transfers, get a bank certificate, or slowly mail us documents.


What makes you different from other "blockchain stock" companies?

Other firms hold your book-entry shares in a central depository while issuing representative blockchain shares akin to ADRs. That means extra friction, fees, and frustration for your shareholders. With Block Transfer, the shares your see on the Stellar blockchain are you book-entry stock.

What kind of securities offering should we do?

At Block Transfer, we focus on being an incredible transfer agent, not a law firm. Once you're ready to go public or finish M&A negotiations, come to us for the most efficient management of your book-entry shareholders.

How do you make money off our shareholders?

Most 'blockchain' trading systems revolve around a fee-centric broker-dealer or regulated ATS. Did you know you only need to register for these certifications if you charge fees? We think shareholder fees are silly, so trades execute directly on the Stellar blockchain with zero fees.

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