Founder John Wooten

     John closed down his hedge fund after its best year ever to research distributed-ledger solutions for the transfer agent market.

     He experienced the pain of snails-pace agents firsthand when a transfer that arrived four days late cost the fund a million dollars.

     Anchored in digital assets, John founded his first blockchain startup over half a decade ago. He published his first book on asset management in high school.


Dr. Vlad Kolesnikov

      Vlad's researched advanced cryptography for nearly three decades. He wrote the book on secure multiparty computation, now adopted into courses at Stanford, Brown, Berkeley, GWU, and more. Much of his early work ran parallel to some of the best-known cryptographers today. His more recent work paves the way for the next generation of secure cryptographic communication.
      Outside of academics, Vlad developed cutting-edge network-based cryptosystems at Bell Labs for over a decade. Nowadays, Vlad mentors one of his nearly 20 Ph.D. students and was recently awarded the prestigious James D. Lester Endowment Award from the Dean of Computing at Tech.

Jerry Perullo, MBA

      Jerry's practiced cybersecurity for nearly three decades. Under Georgia Tech, he wrote the book on modern cybersecurity and risk management. Much of his earlier work was used as the basis for Congressional cyber regulations of futures clearinghouses.
      Outside of academics, Jerry built ICE's cybersecurity operations from the group up at the end of the dot-com era, running them firsthand until 2022.  He oversaw the adaptation of these systems to the NYSE, Euronext, and more. For over a decade, Jerry sat on (and eventually chaired) the board of FS-ISAC, the most-highly-respected cybersecurity group in global financial markets.

Dr. D.J. Wu

      D.J.'s researched the junction of technology and business for nearly three decades. At Wharton, he pioneered modern academic B2B notions in research which garnered four international awards. In later papers, D.J. developed groundbreaking multi-sided platform business concepts. He was voted president of the INFORMS Society in 2019, the leading international association for operations research and analytics professionals.
      Outside of his own work, D.J. supervises the publications of Management Science, Information Systems Research, Production and Operations Management, and Manufacturing and Service Operations.

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